The Fitness Center

A great place to belong

2502 23rd Ave
Central City, NE 68826

Our Team

Board of Directors

      Cris Larson       

     Trent Wagner     

      Alta Marsh     

      Chris Anderson      

  Aaron Purvis   

   Sarah Campa  

Lacey McLaughlin 

Mike Darbro 


Michele Simmons 

Assistant Director

Jenny Beck

Program Director

Kate Perry

Front Desk

Donna Boroviak

 Mona Prentice

 Lane Callaghan

Jo Johnson

Gary Swanson

Shawna Ritta


Fitness Staff

Pat Carlson

Nanci Malm

Dawn Hanson

Linda Riblett

Mark Sanchez

Andrea Fowler

Jackie Beaver 


 Aquatic Staff

Barb Sidders

Mary Jane Samuel

Denise Schrieber

Kathy Staggs

Jerel Geren